SSIS Training

Microsoft SQL Server is a relational database management system developed by Microsoft Corporation. Its primary function is to store and retrieve data as requested by other software applications, on the same computer or other computers across the network. There are several editions of MS SQL Server for different kind of uses.

The Beginners courses are designed for those looking to develop skills in data science and analytics. No prior experience or knowledge of analytics is required for these courses. Knowledge of Statistics is helpful but not essential.

Developing SSIS Packages

Topic 1: Creating SSIS Packages and Data Sources.

  • 1. Creating SSIS Packages
  • 2. Developing Project Data Sources and Package Connections

Topic 2: Creating and Editing Control Flow Objects

  • 1. Creating Control Flow Tasks
  • 2. Using Control Flow Containers
  • 3. Working with Package Variables
  • 4. Using the Script Task
  • 5. Testing Package Execution in BIDS

Topic 3: Using Data Flow Adapters and Transformations

  • 1. Defining Data Flow Source Adapters
  • 2. Creating Data Flow Destinations
  • 3. Working with Data Flow Transformations
  • 4. Practice: Creating Simple and Complex Data Flows

Debugging and Error Handling in SSIS

Topic 1: Configuring Package Transactions and Checkpoints

  • 1. Defining Package and Task Transaction Settings
  • 2. Implementing Restartability Checkpoints

Topic 2: Identifying Package Status, Enabling Logging, and Handling Task Errors

  • 1. Viewing Package Status
  • 2. Configuring Execution Logging
  • 3. Connecting Control Flow Objects with Precedence

Topic 3: Handling Data Flow Errors and Debugging

  • 1. Using Error Paths to Handle Data Flow Errors
  • 2. Using Data Viewers to Identify Data Flow Issues
  • 3. Handling Package Errors with Event Handlers
  • 4. Debugging the Control Flow with Breakpoints
  • 5. Deploying and Configuring SSIS Packages

Topic 4: Using Package Configurations and Expressions

  • 1. Understanding Package Configurations
  • 2. Using SSIS Expressions and Property Expressions

Topic 2: Deploying SSIS Packages

  • 1. Understanding Package Deployment
  • 2. Creating an Installer Kit by Using the
  • 3. Package Deployment Utility
  • 4. Deploying Package

Executing SSIS Packages

Topic 1: Executing and Scheduling Packages

  • 1. Executing Packages in SSMS with the SSIS Service
  • 2. Creating SQL Server Agent Jobs to Execute SSIS Packages